We believe...

True genius lies in simplicity.

If you let your imagination take flight and follow your dreams, wondrous possibilities abound. When we break free from and defy conventional thinking we find what lies beyond ordinary thoughts are extraordinary ideas. An artist lives within each of us so dare to reflect your individuality. Exceptional engineering and creative design are nothing without Passion and Soul.

Unison Hardware, Inc. is a private, family owned and operated company located in Sacramento, California. Unison has over 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing stainless steel product for leading European companies.

Only the finest materials are used by our manufacturing team to create products that meet or exceed the standards of a demanding construction market. Unison offers a full array of products including lever locks, deadbolts, mortise handle sets, hinges, door closers, pulls, doorstops and other miscellaneous accessories.

Introduced in 2005, INOX® is an exciting, upscale line of stainless steel lever sets engineered with exceptional quality and elegance. The INOX® line offers many beautiful lever designs to choose from and lends style and sophistication to any environment. 

Our locks are suitable for a wide range of applications such as upscale homes and multi-family situations, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools and other facilities.